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Who we are


Travel HER Way is an adventure travel company for women.

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W e provide small group tours to bucket-list destinations for women. Our dream is to help women connect, grow, and share authentic experiences. We don’t just sightsee - we touch, feel, and taste, too.

Travel HER Way was founded by one woman who longed for adventure and spent a year traveling around the world. Our knowledgeable team researches and test runs every tour we offer to ensure that our customers have treasured experiences that run flawlessly.


The foundation of Travel HER Way is simple: when you travel, you cast your fate and discover who you are. We provide detailed itineraries to extraordinary places to help women become an adventuress.


Our Mission

Is to Connect Women Through group Adventure Travel,

and Provide Sustainable Tourism By Giving Back To The Communities We Travel To.

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Why Choose Us

At Travel HER Way, we believe the best views come after the hardest climb. Whether you’re a seasoned citizen of the world or a globetrotting novice, we prepare you for take off on a once in a lifetime adventure. Here are the top reasons why you should come along with us!


1. Find Your Tribe

We gather women from all over the world to explore together. We know you’ll be surprised by all that you have in common beyond a love of travel. We believe the best travel experience is in intimate groups with like-minded people. You will not only see and feel the world, but also make life-long friends. 


2. Test Your Limits

Life begins outside your comfort zone. By traveling to new places you can overcome your fears and accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams. We provide unique excursions where you can try something new and become your own inspirational story.

3. Unforgettable Destinations

We carefully consider which destinations are best for small groups and broadening your horizons. We take you to bucket list locations that you will remember for years to come.

We also believe the best way to experience a new culture is to live as the locals do. We organize special activities to eat and stay at neighborhood farmhouses, dress in traditional garb, and interact with monks, children, and women. We help you take a walk in someone else’s shoes, clogs, and jutti slippers.



No one knows the land like those that grew up on it. We have high standards when selecting our guides. Our adventure specialists travel all over to meet and work with local leaders to create the itinerary, select the hotels, restaurants and excursions before launching a tour. We guarantee quality service and won’t send you anywhere we haven’t been.

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5. Make a Difference

We believe in sustainable tourism by giving instead of taking from the places we love so much. We have built Care Her Way to preserve and nurture the communities that host us. We don't just donate - We get involved.


6. Our Promise

When you book with us we guarantee your tour, no matter how few customers sign up. Even if it costs us extra, we want you to see the world!

We understand travel plans change and sometimes have to be delayed. If you need to cancel or postpone a trip, the deposit will be retained for your next, great life-changing adventure with us. Learn more about our lifetime deposit.

We also promise that if you select a shared room but we do not fill with a customer, you will not be asked to pay the supplement fee. The difference is on us!