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Our mission


Our goal is to leave our destination better than we found it. Care Her Way actively supports communities in need by providing education, supplies, and opportunity.

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We are not takers. We are doers and givers.

That’s why we developed Care Her Way to take care of our home away from home.

We do so by giving to the people who live upon the land year round.


Our Projects

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One Trip, One Kid.

Nepal is home to our beloved Everest base camp trek: one of the most challenging and rewarding tours we offer. Despite its popularity as a travel destination, Nepal is one of the poorest undeveloped nations in the world, with over 25% of the population living beneath the poverty line. Many Nepali families cannot afford education for their children who grow without any opportunity for career development.

We want to change that. We have teamed up with the Volunteer Initiative of Nepal (VIN) to help provide a better life for the children of the Himalayas.

For every trekking group that we bring to Nepal, we will cover a year’s worth of education for one child.


Everest Base Camp Trek + Volunteer

From Woman to Woman, Heart to Heart

We are proud to be women of the world helping other women of the world. Statistics show that Nepali women have very few opportunities for education, income generation, and little to no access to adequate healthcare. Travel Her Way actively helps our sisters through VIN’s women empowerment programs by offering:

• Educational opportunities
• Information on basic rights and female health
• Income generation and marketing support
• Prevention of trafficking

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Draktsho Vocational Training Institute

Despite the rich experiences Bhutan gives to travelers, many of its citizens with disabilities struggle to thrive. The Draktsho Vocational Training Institute nurtures the children with disabilities of Bhutan into self-reliant beings, armoring them with the life skills and technical training that will lead to a rewarding life full of purpose.

Travel Her Way is excited to pair up with the institute, breaking down barriers for the disabled. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit, offer financial support and/or books, stationery, and other educational materials.


Plant a Tree, Provide a Future

We love roaming this vast, wild earth of ours. That’s why Travel Her Way is happy to nurture mother earth by giving our guests a tree sapling and planting a tree. Our local representatives honor to caretake the tree for a one month minimum.

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