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Traveling East Africa...Like A Girl

Now, our jokesters may not be fully aware of the negative impact their remarks have on society, but I am, and they do cause genuine harm. This is one of the reasons why I truly adore traveling with female friends -- women that adventure together obliterate these uninspired stereotypes, empower one another, take care of each other, and are as strong as a mother.

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Learning to Swim in Europe’s Seas

Fear will inevitably come along on travels or with any new experience, at least it does for me. But, in no way, is fear allowed to stop you from doing something amazing. So, if you ever get the chance to go to Croatia or Dubrovnik - swim in those seas. If you never do, I hope you find something that you really want that scares you, and I hope to feel that awesome feeling of accomplishment when you do it despite fear.

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How Bali Made Me Braver (and a Biker Babe)

On my first day alone on the island of Bali, I discovered my transportation options were limited. I had to either take Go-Jek, the local ridesharing service, or learn how to drive a motorcycle without a license. It would be a serious rush-job of learning a new driving sensibility in the midst of traffic that looks, to most Westerners, utterly bonkers…that is if I decided to do that. My gut reaction was, Hell no. I can’t do that.

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