Lacy's Vblog: Everest Base Camp Trek (4.30.18 - 5.14.18)


Lacy Bauer, who joined our Everest Base Camp Trek in May, has created a serious of short videos to blog this life-changing adventure.

Lacy has shared all the love and tears she has been through throughout the trip. We hope you enjoy it as we do!

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Video #1

Curious what flying into the Lukla airport looks and feels like? Check out the following video detailing out touchdown in Nepal and all the excitement of starting the Everest Base Camp Trek!

Video #2

This video really gives an insight to what the trails at the beginning of Everest Base Camp look like. Decorated with flags, the energy was motivating and the leg burn was real! You also get a sneak peak of what the tea houses (hostels) look like along the trail.

Video #3

As the trip goes on, the trek gets more and more challenging. This is Lacy’s next vlog. Check it out!

Video #4

Check out the subalpine region of the trek, just one day short of actually reaching Everest Base Camp. Spirits are high as the group gets ready to reach the end of the trek!

Video #5

"That’s a wrap y’all!! The final vlog is here for your viewing pleasure. Watch me deal with some very problematic stomach issues, cry, and dance my face off as we finally get to base camp!! 💚💚 SO MUCH love to the folks I traveled with and to Travel Her Way for sending me on this awesome journey. Bless all y’alls sweet and crazy souls, you wonderful wonderful badasses."

Thank you Lacy for this amazing vlog series! We hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as we did!

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