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Meet Our Local Leaders

No one knows the land like those who grew up on it. We have high standards when selecting our local leaders. A local leader is more than just a guide. They are your keys to walk into nature, mingle with the locals, and learn stories behind ancient towns and villages.

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Nirmal L. Nepal

Namaste! I am Nirmal and I am from Gorkha, Nepal. I became a tour guide 5 years ago. I love my job because every day is different. I am proud to share the history and culture of my country and I am always excited to show first time travelers their way around. As a tour guide, ‘work’ means being a part of someone’s happiest holiday memories. I am actually required to have fun for a living while traveling! My favorite trek is Manaslu and Tsum Valley, and my favorite food is Dal Bhat!


Sarita S. Nepal

Namaste! I am Saru and I am from Dhading District. Female tour guides are still not common in Nepal. The reason I decided to become a tour guide is I want to be independent and live a better life. I have completed all the required training courses to become a government-licensed trekking guide. With over 2 years of experiences in travel industry, I have enhanced my knowledge of the country's geography, history, religion, culture and traditions. I have experiences leading trekking tours in Everest regions, Annapurna region and other wilderness areas. I am looking forward to meeting you in Nepal and share with you about my beautiful country.


Dipak L. Nepal

Hi! I am Dipak. I originally come from Gorkha District and currently live in Kathmandu. I am a professionally-trained and govenment-licensed trekking guide in Nepal with more than 20 years industry experience. I started my career in travel industry as a porter. Later I was promoted to assistant guide, and then became a tour leader. I have experiences guiding most of the trekking routes in Nepal. Besides leading tours, I also act as a travel consultant for several well-known trekking companies. Nepal is a fascinating and diverse country, where just a few miles will take you into a completely different landscape. My goal is to share the best of my country and I am proud of what I am doing everyday.


Narayan D. Nepal

Namaste! I am Narayan. My favorite part of being a tour guide is that I can show the beauty of my country to people from all over the world. I also get chances to meet different people and make friends with them. I have been through multiple training programs before I become a government-licensed tour guide. I also completed the Advanced Wilderness First Aid course which equip me well to take care of clients at high altitudes. I enjoy learning so that I can better help with my clients!


Yeshey T. Bhutan

Hi! I am Yeshey and my friends and guests call me YT. Before I became a tour guide, I was working as a Radio Jockey at one of the most popular stations in Thimphu. It was a great opportunity for me to practice my speaking skills and enhance my knowledge of my country. However, I’ve always been a traveler since I was young and I am eager to see what the world looks likeI soon realized that being a Radio Jockey can no longer satisfy my needs. And that was the reason why I decided to become a tour guide. I have been a tour leader for the past 10 years. I enjoy sharing Bhutan's culture and wisdom with my guests; and in return I also get chances to learn about foreign cultures from guests all over the world. I have received a lot of good words from my guests regarding my services. I am also inspired to further strengthen my guiding skills by seeing the happy faces and smiles form my guests. I love what I am doing. When I am not working, I like hanging out with friends and playing basketball. 


Bijay S. Bhutan

My father used to work as a bus driver for one of the first tour companies in Bhutan. Because of that, I have heard many interesting stories about may father being with guests and got a lot of exposure to the travel industry. Naturally, after I graduated from college, I decided to become a tour guide. Till now, I have been leading tours for 6 years. I love what I am doing and I am proud to host guests from all over the world and share the beauty of my beloved country. 


Pelden D. Bhutan

I started my career in travel industry in 2005 as a Tourism officer at the National Tourism Office. During my 7 years of service, I worked extensively with local communities and learned that tourism is not just about exploring a country, but to exchanges meaningful experiences that will benefit both guests and locals. With that belies in mind, I decided to become a travel agent and provide authentic travel experiences so that my guests would see the country like locals.